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You are not allowed to question

‘India’ one of the biggest democratic country in the world. In India we have ‘freedom of speech’, ‘freedom to Express’, ‘right to equality’ and 4 more. So you understand what it’s mean. It mean you can ask , express and questions your government till 2014 election but now after election you do have all the power but you can’t use it… let me expand that for you ‘ Suppose you are THE SUPERMAN and you have the power to help the other people till 2014 election after the election someone brought a kryptonite and now if you use your power then you are going to die’.

So now Government has become a kryptonite and you can’t do anything about it. If you try to question our precious Government then you’ll be crowned as Deshdrohi, anti Hindu , kalank, and most famous a terrorist. Actually this is a problem from us that from a young age we have taught that never ask a question to older people, to bigger people for no reason because they are always right for ‘no reason’.

If you ask Government why we have so much unemployment in India then you are not faithful towards our country and you will eventually became anti hindu. If you ask our Government why Our Government why normal commodities are expensive then you are not supporting our Government and you’ll be awarded as Anti-hindu. Simply put in a word we all has been used to all of these things and we also have no choice. So I welcome you In You can’t Question anything.

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