Is Dogecoin is Different from Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Dogecoin both are cryptocurrency , so what the difference between both of them.


These both cryptocurrency’s are created by programming language .

Bitcoin and Dogecoin are longtime running block chains that have stood the test of time. ‘Bitcoin’ was launched in 2009, and ‘Dogecoin’ was launched in 2013 .They are both proof of work chains that confirm transactions and reward miners in the process.

Bitcoin and Dogecoin both are simple payment system neither of them are strong on smart contract. These cryptocurrency are mostly used for sending and receiving.


Bitcoin is original block-chain proof-of-concept. Bitcoin is ground breaking and world changing technology with potential to transform the money in the 21st. On the other hand Dogecoin is a digital coin with picture of dog on it.

Dogecoin may be proof of work but it uses scrypt language which makes it a GPU mining coin instead of ASIIC mining. Bitcoin miners need separate computers to mine Dogecoin.

Dogecoin has an unlimited number of coins that will ever be made. Every minute 10,000 new Dogecoin’s are mined.

Bitcoin has a capacity of 21 million coins by the year 2140 so it’s highly limited. Dogecoin’s will always be cheap because there are so many of them. The laws of supply and demand push Bitcoin up in value.

So the conclusion is Dogecoin and Bitcoin both are impressive invention but Bitcoin is limited and Dogecoin has no limit. Dogecoins are cheap to buy, quick to send and it’s cheap to send anybody. On the other hand Bitcoin is expensive to buy and it little bit slow to send. But they both are new generation currency.

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