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Journalism is Dead (interesting article to read)

Now there is a no difference b/w journalism and corrupt person journalism mean and meant for production and distribution of reports on current events based on facts and supported on current events based on facts and supported with proof or evidence The word Journalism carry a Wight of truth and trust and now journalism has metamorphose into a giant fat corrupt belly.

The India satellite news media is a big source of telling news and information to be exact more then 100 million people watch satellite news it alarming thing that our Indian news media is dead from inside But, what does that mean now you do understand the meaning of taking side or being biased So you please ponder, if someone become Biased or one sider then they will ever going to tell you there failure and mistake’s Our Satellite news media have become One sider and it is very frighten thing.

Now, you might think i am also being biased, well it’s not that case i have seen there reporting and debate and, from there i have come to the conclusion that they have become Biased and showing us only half cooked news like we are having job loss, tax increment, rising of petrol prices but these thing are not a discussed or debate topics.

In utter Pradesh where are Satellite news media is saying that everything is fine but no, the situation was something else. In Ganga river ghaat, a lot of dead bodies were buried and all those grave were covered with orange sheet but, there all orange sheet were removed just to show the less number of death around the area. WHY?

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When people were dying with Covid-19 A zee news reporter Sudhir Chaudhary in prime time was showing some bullshit to cover up the real news, like, Bill Gates and Malinda Gates divorce and on the other hand thousand of people were dying because of lack of oxygen. There are many same incident were our news media is trying to remove the mistake of our government, covering up for them News media is the backbone of our country and it has become biased We need clean news media since it’s our right to know the real truth.

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