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Now, it’s a sad truth or a oxymoron, that our Indian police department has been filled with some undignified creature, who use their authority for misuse the power that have been provided to help us , not only those who have power or money and make our lives easier but the situation is inverse, our life has become more difficult because of them and their contrast injustice..

It’s not that every one in police force are amoral, but sadly their population just like a spoon which’s filled with water compare to the sea. The police are under legal obligations to uphold the rights of the people and to protect all the citizens. But now their power at their disposal are used against the us/common people/poor people that they are instituted to protect?. Here the savior themselves become the perpetrators and misuse the power vested in them to torture the people and strip away their rights for impunity.

 Several reports on police of brutality have surfaced from different parts of the India. Inhuman techniques often have adopted to torture people while under police custody despite provisions in the Indian penal Code prohibiting the same. Apparently, such cases do not get much attention because of the suppression of these cases by “OUR SAVIOUR” Police using there power and putting wrong  accusations and false claims in order to defend themselves. The Police have institutionalised crime in their own profession while trying to control or eradicate the same from us and from our society.

For decades and centuries, India has absorbed cases after cases of police brutality, torture and extrajudicial killings. Every year, innocent citizens of India are getting killed in what activist call “fake encounters,” and many more, activists say, that innocent people are tortures to death in police custody.

On 22 June 2020- Custodial death of father and son. The duo had been beaten, brutally, tortured, and sexually assaulted. The situation was that the father and son were hauled into a small police station in the southern Indian town of Sathankulam in June after arguing with police officers. When friends and family members went to the station, they heard screams emanating from inside, growing louder as night fell.

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The next afternoon, the two men, stumbled outside surrounded by officers, blood dripping down the backs of their legs. They had clearly been tortured in police custody, family members and lawyers in the town said. ” Please, find a way to get us bail,” Ponraj jeyaraj begged his sister, Jaya Joseph, as he was taken to a hospital, she recalled. She said her brother last word were ;”We will not survive another day.” Father and Son duo died hours apart, from severe internal injuries.

Few day later. Police officials in charge of the station decline to comment, saying the case was now under federal investigation. Around the world, the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis in May unleased searing examinations of police abuse, racism and injustice but not in India. The title of this article is “Police are like a antique piece, just for show” but the thing is, now we have started to liking or ignoring this antique.

According to a Lengthy report by the National campaign Against Torture, an Indian rights group based in New Delhi, the capital of India, at least 1,731 people were killed in custody last year. The majority of the victims, the report said, were the usual victims of abuse: Muslims and lower-caste Hindus. 

Police Killing’s here rarely result in punishment, like they have authority of 007(legal of kill anybody). From time to time, a few officers are arrested, but convictions come few and far between. Police killing in India come in many forms. Some suspects are beaten to death in neighborhood police stations.

Now Indian police use violence as a shortcut to save their precious time and use violence on poorest who bear the scars. When police stormed a slum in the western states of Gujarat where Hira Bajania, 65, was sleeping. IN the black of night, he was dragged from his home, taken to a nearby police station and accused with 11 other men, of stealing cell phones. One by one the men were taken from their cell to be interrogated for up to 30 minutes,  according to a complaint subsequently filed to police.

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They were bound, stripped, beaten, abused and, according to two people in the group, tortured sexually and told to confess. Many returned to their cell limping, unable to stand or sit, say several of the men. All denied the changes. At around 5:30 p.m. the very next day, Hira Bajania, a rag picker, collapsed after beaten. ” We told them. “he is dead. You’ve killed him.’ The police thought he was pretending, sadly Hira Bajania was not pretending, his lifeless body was put in a police jeep at the hospital, he was pronounced dead. 

Now i have started to think that, our Indian films display policemen torturing suspects in custody is actually inspired by our dark truth of our police department’s. It seems to glorify police brutality. Three out of every four police believe that the police is justified in being violent towards criminals. Four out of five believe that there is nothing wrong with beating up criminals or suspect to extract confessions.

During the lockdown announcement, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the report pointed out how the police beat migrant laborer’s who were on their way home.  Privileged Indians and celebrities have been criticized for bring selective in raising their voice against certain injustices and choosing specific causes to espouse.

Now these incident and crime have become very familiar to us but, the truth is a single common man is nothing more than a tissue paper(one time use). The only way to stand against such a systemic problem could change is by a joint and forceful change in public opinion. A single man can’t do much but force of single man’s can bring a salvation to this injustice and misuse of power. Share this article and show your support.


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